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My Story

Ariel is a clinical therapist who is dedicated to working with individuals and families in creating healthier and happier people and relationships. Ariel believes in empowering individuals and supporting them with creating harmony & balance in their lives.

Ariel’s passion is to teach & inspire people to increase self-care, wellness, mindfulness & authentic connections/relationships. She is constantly growing and integrating mindfulness and wellness into her career and personal life.

She has been trained in several Evidenced Based treatment models which she utilizes in treatment as well.

Ariel has many years of clinical therapy and supervisory experience with a diverse population and is especially trained to work with children and adolescents, adults, couples and families with a variety of life issues.

Ariel also provides business coaching services for therapist, supervision services, as well as consultations for license clinicians looking to start their own practice.

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Therapy Office

How I can help...

Have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed or "stuck?" Do you feel anxious or irritable often? Have you experienced a period in your life where you feel that you cannot get out of a deep hole within yourself or your relationships? There is hope for you! We all need hope and support to pull out of despair. You may feel alone and have difficulty knowing what the next step is.

I use these treatments including but are not limited to; Interpersonal Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Seeking Safety, Mindfulness, Aggression Replacement Training, Play Therapy, TF-CBT and EMDR.

It's important to have someone to help you work through this time. You are not alone, I can help!

Things can be better for you in many ways. I will evaluate your needs and provide a specific treatment interventions or life coaching plan for you. The best thing you are doing is taking care of your needs! Call/Email and let me help you through these difficult times and teach you the strategies that help to build happy and healthy individuals  and relationships.

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